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Trails West Travel Magazine: Covering the Vast Western United States

At Trails West Travel Magazine, we cover a vast expanse of the Western United States, from the western Nebraska panhandle to the North and South Poles of the planet. Our team of writers, photographers, and videographers created Trails West Travel Magazine to offer something unique, comprehensive, and different to wandering travelers and explorers.

About Trails West Magazine

Welcome to Trails West Travel Magazine – your digital guide to exploring the heart of North America. We journey through unfamiliar territory, documenting our experiences through print and video production. From the last great American frontier to the Pacific Ocean, we explore the history, sights, and sounds of this diverse region.

Our team of writers take the road less traveled, seeking out hidden gems and remote locations to bring you informative and inspiring features, destination roundups, travel ideas, tips, and stunning photography to help you plan your next adventure.


Our Mission

Trails West Magazine’s goal is to educate and entertain readers with captivating written stories, original photography, and short documentaries that showcase travel destinations, regional resources, and adventure spots. Although Trails West Magazine started in 2020 as Nebraska West Magazine, we have broadened our scope beyond western Nebraska in 2023 to explore new topics beyond the limits of western Nebraska.



Trails West Magazine is the product of the previous online publications, WyoBraska Magazine and Nebraska West (.com). WyoBraska Magazine was created by Long Draw Productions, LLC, as a tourism-based destination publication leased by the county of Scotts Bluff, Nebraska, to promote the North Platte Valley and parts of eastern Wyoming. When a county commissioner breached the contract, Long Draw Productions was left with untold hours of abandoned articles, imagery, and video production. Nebraska West (.com) was then created as a redesigned and developmental version of WyoBraska Magazine. Trails West Magazine was subsequently launched in 2023 as a reinvented version of Nebraska West (.com), expanding its coverage beyond western Nebraska to include travel destinations, regional resources, and adventure destinations throughout the Western United States.


Following the contract breach by the Scotts Bluff County Commissioners and the Scotts Bluff Tourism Committee, Trails West Magazine expanded its service and coverage area at the end of February 2023. Our mission is now focused on covering regions beyond western Nebraska, including every state to the south, north, and west of the Nebraska panhandle, all the way to the Pacific coast. While it took less than a year for us to make an impact as content providers and creators for western Nebraska, promoting Trails West Magazine as a comprehensive travel resource will take time. But we are up to the challenge!


48-Hours Trails West

Trails West Magazine launched the 48-Hour Trails West Series in April 2023. This exciting Docuseries is available on various video platforms including YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion. The series covers areas of the American west, tracing the immigrant trails from western Nebraska to the Pacific coast. Each episode of the series provides helpful and entertaining information about food, lodging, sights, sounds, activities and recreation, covering a specific area in just 48 hours. Coming soon from Trails West Magazine: thrilling adventures, insider travel tips, must-visit destinations, fascinating historical facts, breathtaking imagery, and engaging videos. We appreciate your ongoing support.


We’re Hiring!

We’re looking for professional freelance storytellers, photographers, and video content creators to join our team. Let us know if you have a great story.  We want to hear your pitch!

We’re currently seeking original stories, photography, and video from:

Devils Tower, WY, Casper, WY
Cannon Beach, OR, Brandon, OR
Seattle, WA, Port Angeles, WA
Taos, NM
Steamboat Springs, CO, Denver, CO, Fort Collins, CO

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