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Pine Ridge Region of West Nebraska

Welcome to Western Nebraska; America's last great western frontier. Western Nebraska is a unique landscape full of memory, history and the character of the old west.

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Discover Nebraska's Pine Ridge Region

Finding your next adventure in western Nebraska is as easy as looking across a distance field, exploring canyons, hiking buttes that rise off the intermediate prairie, or biking the dirt roads and exploring the history of the Oregon-California Trails, Agate Fossil Beds and nearby archeological sites.

Discovering western Nebraska means stepping back in the past and exploring the contemporary simultaneously. Western Nebraska offers vistas of scenic landscapes as well as outdoor adventures that rival those of Yellowstone National Park and Rocky Mountain Park, just in a different setting. Western Nebraska is for everyone. Come and join us on your next vacation adventure.

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Stories from Nebraska's Pine Ridge Region

Ghosts of Fort Robinson

From phantom hoof clops to flickering lights to sightings of people long gone, Fort Robinson is full of the remnants of pain, suffering, and joy of those who lived there. Tales of ghost soldiers, wandering Native Americans, and children who have chosen to remain forever at the site. 

Buffalo Soldiers of Western Nebraska

African American soldiers of the 9th and 10th cavalry regiments, garrisoned at Fort Robinson and Fort Niobrara, played a significant role in the history of WyoBraska.

The Cheyenne Breakout

Fort Robinson is a major feature of Fort Robinson State Park, which comprises more than 22,000 acres of Old West history, lodging, camping, Pine Ridge scenery, and the park’s own bison and longhorn cattle herds.

Rock Hunting in Western Nebraska

Rock clubs are dynamic groups scattered throughout the world that unite people who have a passion for treasures that nature provides with exceptional diversity. WyoBraska is a rich and vast geographical area that provides plenty of opportunities to gather spectacular rocks and minerals.
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