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Nebraska's Wild West

Nebraska West Magazine travels the western portion of Nebraska in search of stories that challenge your way of thinking about the history, ecology, geology and the and the proud people of western Nebraska.

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Welcome to Western Nebraska

These are stories from west Nebraska's Wild West region. This is where Buffalo Bill Cody conceived the idea and inspiration for his Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show. This is where we find story, after story, from historical documents, historic locations, the Pony Express, and the Oregon-California, Mormon, and Bozeman Trails.

Stories from Nebraska's Wild West Region

The Plight of Nebraska’s Black-tailed Prairie Dogs

The Great Plains encompasses the entirety of Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota and parts of Colorado, Kansas, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and Wyoming. Each state offers ecoregions and ecosystems unto themselves and each is unique.

Nebraska’s Bighorn Sheep

The ram looked up from eating his grass and met my gaze. He had been aware of me since I got out of my car in the parking lot at the Cedar Canyon Wildlife Management Area in southern Scotts Bluff County.

Mud Springs Station

Mud Springs Station is a location full of history and horror in western Nebraska. Visitors have feelings of dread, and anxiety, from the moment they arrive until they depart.

Three-Mile Hog Ranch at Fort Laramie

While visiting Fort Laramie, take a detour to view another facet of its long and fascinating history at a lesser-known and more scandalous slice of Fort Laramie.

Nebraska’s Highest Point

The highest point in the state is Panorama Point.  At an elevation of 5424 feet, this unique destination should undoubtedly be on any hikers

Blowout Penstemon – Western Nebraska’s Most Endangered Plant Species

Blowout Penstemon ( Penstemon haydenii ) is a sturdy plant that only grows in sand dune blowouts, and grows in western Nebraska, Northern Colorado and Wyoming.

Discovery of the Bisterfeldt Potato Cellar Site

In 1933 an archeological find of a lifetime was discovered in Gering, Nebraska containing the skeletons of 32 adults and five infants of Woodland Plains Indian hunter-gatherers located in four separate pits.
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