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The Wyoming Wine at Table Mountain Vineyards 


By: Photojournalist Hawk Buckman

When it comes to sightseeing across the intermediate plains of North America, travelers are often on the lookout for unique experiences – and for many, that includes exploring local wines and flavors. However, when it comes to Wyoming, wine might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Let’s face it together: the state isn’t exactly known for its vineyards.

That said, there are still plenty of reasons for wine lovers to visit Wyoming. While the state may not have a thriving wine industry, there are a growing number of wineries and vineyards that are producing some truly exceptional wines. From bold reds to crisp whites, these wines are a testament to the region’s unique terroir and the passion of the winemakers who call Wyoming home.

So, if you’re a wine lover looking for something different, why not consider a trip to Wyoming? You might be surprised by what you find – and who knows, you just might discover your new favorite wine along the way!

We didn’t consider a winery when passing through eastern Wyoming. We only expected to hear or see one after reaching more active areas of wine production, such as the Willamette Valley of Oregon. So, you can imagine our surprise in finding an operational winery in Torrington, Wyoming, near the west Nebraska border.

Farmers and enthusiasts in western Nebraska have attempted wine production for several years but have yet to find much success. So to compensate for their investment loss, they began to produce blended varieties, especially in the regions, and areas, where the soil didn’t meet the criteria for growing vines. But that was not the case for the Zimmerer family in eastern Wyoming.

Table Mountain Vineyards has the address of Torrington, Wyoming, in Goshen County. Still, the winery is closer to the western Nebraska border, about 1.5 miles from Lyman, Nebraska, just south of Highway 92. Unfortunately, the vineyards are off the beaten path on a dirt road maintained by Goshen County, making the journey to the winery a little troublesome for recreational vehicles. But, as is the norm for most of western Nebraska and eastern Wyoming dirt roads, if you take your time and do not rush, you can cross the ill-maintained washboard road into their large parking lot, where a new flavor palette experience awaits you if you can find the turn-off.

The dirt road (Rd 48) is unmarked, and only a small, barely readable, handmade sign that reads “Winery” instructs you where to turn south if you’re traveling east to west or west to east on Highway 92. If using your GPS, you’ll find yourself in a cornfield, so don’t trust a hope. Instead, look for the small sign made of a small piece of plywood on the south side of the road about 100 feet from the turn-off onto the dirt road. Also, Huntley, Wyoming’s proximity often needs clarification with the winery’s address. If using GPS, use the city of Torrington, Wyoming, and you’ll find it easier to arrive at Rd 48.

Table Top Mountain Winery began as a side investment for the Zimmerer family, who started growing vines for another winery. Unfortunately, that arrangement was brief and disappointing, as the business purchasing their fruit went under, leaving the Zimmerer family with a field of vines they could no longer use.

Being savvy farmers, they decided to build a new building on their property and make it an event space serving their fermented fruits, which, we must admit, carries a unique and delicious flavor palette and appeal, making Table Top Mountain Winery a destination for anyone traveling Highway 26, or Highway 92, west, or east, through Nebraska and Wyoming.

Table Top Mountain Winery is Wyoming’s largest winery, producing 100% Wyoming-grown fruits. Our favorite flavor palettes are Cowboy Reserve, Stampede Red, and Cowgirl Blush, each a new flavor adventure for the adventurous traveler.

Can’t make it to the winery? That’s okay because Table Top Mountain Wines are found throughout Wyoming or at its satellite branch in beautiful Jackson, WY, the destination for most travelers through the scenic by-way of western Nebraska and eastern Wyoming on Highway 26.

We didn’t consider a winery when passing through eastern Wyoming. What we found was delicious and unforgettable at Table Mountain Vineyards, and we feel that you will as well as you blaze a trail west.


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Patrick Zimmerer

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